Friday, June 25, 2010

Vivi August 2010

Hiya! I haven't posted in a loong time.. not that I really ever posted often. I was thinking of making a YouTube channel. It seems really fun, and it's a nice way to meet new people. Well, I was browsing online for some new Jmags and I found Vivi, one of my favorite magazines because of its makeup and fashion!
I also installed this lightbox thing into the blog so that viewing multiple images is soo much easier. All you have to do is click on an image. It'll show the picture full size and you get to browse through the pics without having to click on each picture individually. I'm going to break up the Vivi scans into two posts because there are so many pages even though I only chose like 1/5 of the entire magazine.
Also there is a Big Bang article in this issue of Vivi. Surprise surprise. I'm glad that they're getting more prominent in the Japanese industry!

Ahh, phew. That took a while. Well please look forward to the next post!
Also guess what I bought in the past week? Totally scored the limited edition MAC Smooth Merge Mineralize Skinfinish! Yer! Plus Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream and Egyptian Magic Cream!!
Sadly.. I haven't gotten them in the mail yet.. but I'm expecting the BB Cream on the weekend and the others probably Monday or Tuesday. I'll make sure I'll do a review on them once I get to try them!

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  1. thanks for the vivi scans hun! i love vivi even though i dont have easy access to it. the content is so pretty! :)


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